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Social Media Marketing and You: The Perfect Pair

We celebrate our partners every day because we appreciate you, but are you celebrating what you bring to the table when it comes to social media marketing?  Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a marketing novice, Premier Title Agency would like you to be on the lookout for these marketing obstacles.

Take some time to review your social media plan, and use these tips to successfully climb the marketing strategy ladder. Your PTA team built a list using this “social media mistakes” piece as a guide but used the power of positivity to come up with these suggestions.

  • Show what you know. If asked, most people would admit that recording a video is low on their list of things they enjoy, but it’s a real opportunity missed when you consider virtual tours and maintaining a face-to-face relationship in a social distancing world. Be yourself, and let your skills shine through. 
  • When is too much…too much? Posting nothing but listings won’t keep your followers engaged. Break up your listing with trending articles, community events, decorating tips and the occasional poll to keep your customers coming back. 
  • Interact with your people. Followers like to see a page with personality plus! Be sure to check in on a regular basis to reply to questions and comments, and post an appreciation message reminding your clients how important they are. 

Social media can be intimidating, but you must stay the course. Finding your rhythm and what works for you may take some time but stick with it. Do your research, look for trends and above all, have fun! 

Check out Premier Title’s  social media game on Facebook and Instagram, and start a conversation with us. Remember when you need a title and escrow expert, you can trust us to be a great partner. Reach out to one of our local offices today!