Introducing Premier Title Agency

Mother Lode Holding Company is proud to announce their new retail operations, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.

What makes PTA different from any other title company? Our skilled and knowledgeable team, local decision makers and a culture that fosters taking care of clients and each other.

PTA is backed by the strength of Mother Lode Holding Company, which has serviced the nation's real estate industry for over 44 years. We offer exceptional title insurance and escrow services throughout the state of AZ.    

How To Explain Title Insurance- A Quick Guide From Your PTA Experts

Fri, 10/18/2019 - 1:11pm

We know many people out there may not understand what title insurance is, especially if they are going through the home process for the first time. In fact, there has long been a knowledge gap when it comes to what we do as your title search, insurance and escrow company. But Premier Title Agency is here to change that with this brief explainer.