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PTA is Here to Help You in Today’s Market

What’s happening in the AZ housing market right now?

If you’ve been watching the news lately, it’s difficult to miss the dreary headlines about the housing market across the country. Recently, with interest and mortgage rates rising, we’ve seen many potential buyers pushed out of the market. Fortunately, Arizona has deviated from the norm in the downturn of the housing market so far. Many housing analysts have attributed the state’s perseverance in the market to its rapid population growth. A study done by the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia predicts that Arizona’s population is going to increase by 26%, or nearly two million people, within the next 20 years. The Phoenix metro-area is already the twelfth largest in the country and Zillow predicts that the home values here are going to grow by almost 2% from now until this time next year in 2023.

With this is mind, we can see how both Scottsdale and Paradise Valley have been so popular lately! Scottsdale actually has a track record of being one of the best long-term real estate investments in the nation. With a vibrant night life, golf courses galore, and lots to explore, Scottsdale is attracting folks from all over. Paradise Valley has got its fair share of attractions as well with scenic views, fine dining, and plenty of luxury resorts. And, while both Scottsdale and Paradise Valley are close in proximity, these two communities have their own distinct charm with lots to choose from.

PTA is Ready to Support You

So, regardless of whatever the current market is looking like, the PTA Team is well-equipped to assist you with all your title and escrow needs throughout Arizona. We’ve got a skilled, knowledgeable team and a culture that promotes taking care of our clients and one another. We are also supported by the strength of Mother Lode Holding Company, which has serviced the nation’s real estate industry with title and escrow for nearly 50 years now. The tenure of our team and our supporters in the industry has resulted in an abundance of knowledge that is indispensable to our buyers, sellers, and agents alike.

PTA has a wealth of resources you can conveniently access from home too! You can learn more about the specific services we offer here. Our team understands that ultimately everyone’s timing to get involved in the housing market is different, but we are always here to help in any way you need. We offer exceptional title insurance and escrow services throughout the state of Arizona. Whether you’re just browsing or currently in the market looking for supportive title and escrow officers, feel free to get in touch with us!

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