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How to Attract Gen Z as Both Customers and Employees

It is almost impossible to stray away from writing about millennial trends; for once, we are focusing on a different generation. While most headlines in our industry have focused on this generation as the youngest homebuyers, Gen Z is already close behind when it comes to homebuying power. In fact, many of them say they already value the idea of homeownership.

That’s why we thought it was necessary to devote this month’s blog to the values and ideas that are most significant to this age group. As a company that values technology and a strong employee culture, Premier Title Agency is well-positioned for the future, but we know we must stay committed to our team and our customers. Bottom line, Gen Z is a group that was born during the digital age and profoundly cares about who they work for and who they conduct business with. 

Defined as those born between 1997 and 2015, the oldest Gen Zers have already graduated college and will make up 30 percent of the workforce by 2030, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many often lump millennials and Generation Z into the same category when, in reality, the oldest millennials are 40 years old. Using similar tactics to target Gen Zers may not be successful as this new generation values different things.

One of the more vital methods of attracting Gen Zers is reaching them where they are: online. While millennials were introduced to technology at a young age, they are not as accustomed to or connected to the internet as the younger generation. As a tech-savvy generation, 96% of Gen Zers own a smartphone meaning successful reach is far more likely on their screens. Growing up with technology showcases their ability to adjust to rapid change.

Being accustomed to technology has exposed Gen Zers to different walks of life as well. As the most diverse generation in several ways, diversity and inclusion are high priorities on this generation’s list of values.

Transparency is another critical component to captivating and retaining Gen Zers. The early introduction of technology has made Gen Zers more analytical and wearier of information. For instance, Gen Zers have been able to see firsthand deceit and lies from celebrities to companies. They question the truth far more than other generations, which is why honesty and transparency are paramount for them. 

The Gen Z generation is here to be your customers – and your colleagues for years to come. It’s essential to reach them by showing that the things that are important to them are important to your company.