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Great Customer Reviews Will Keep Your Momentum Going This Spring

For every business, online reviews play a vast role in spreading awareness of a company. Real estate is no exception. Reviews are crucial to growing your business and gaining more trust with your clients. This is a topic Premier Title has talked about before, but we thought it was time for a refresher.

We all know millennials are still making up a large portion of homebuyers these days. That means pretty much all of them are using the internet to find a home, and you can be sure they are looking at reviews throughout the entire process. In this digital age, you cannot afford to ignore the significance of online reviews.

Online reviews do more than connect you with younger generations, they bring in more business altogether. The more reviews you have on your real estate website, social media platforms or Google page, the more likely you will be found online and attract new clients. Having more reviews also builds trust and legitimacy for you and your team. People trust the thoughts of other customers, and that plays a substantial role in gaining future clients.

How do you get your first reviews? One of the best ways to garner more reviews on your site is by asking! Though it may seem uncomfortable, clients are often happy to leave a review following a positive experience.

It doesn’t stop there. Another great way to garner trust through your online reviews comes from responding to them, especially the negative ones. Being transparent and upfront about unfavorable situations demonstrates to your current and future clients that you are willing to correct any faults.

Ready to get started? Google and Facebook are both easy, familiar places to begin. If you liked this advice, we’d love if you shared why you love working with the PTA team on Facebook or Google with a five-star review. Thank you, and we can’t wait to see you at the closing table this season!