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Four Ways You Can Help Prepare Your Customers For Their PTA Closing

In honor of the upcoming holiday, Premier Title wants to say thank you to all our customers and friends. We are grateful that you choose us to be the expert you need when it comes to the title and escrow process across Arizona.

While selecting the Premier Title team as your partner is one of the best things you can do to make sure your customers have a smooth closing experience, here are four other tips to make sure your buyers and sellers are happy and informed at the end of their transaction.

We’ve tailored this list to our Realtor friends but think it can apply to anyone involved in a real estate transaction. And yes, since we work with some of the best professionals in the business, PTA knows you do many of these things already, but we still think this list is too important not to share.

  1. Be transparent. It is paramount that you be upfront and candid with your clients. Traditionally, we know how we would like everything to go from beginning to end but preparing your homebuyers or sellers for the unexpected sets realistic expectations from the start. Honesty really is the best policy when it comes to building trust.
  2. Take the lead. As the expert your customers are relying on you to help them on their journey; approachability and leadership go hand-in-hand. While you have many clients, those with a current need chose you for a reason, and that’s because your reputation and level of professionalism proceeds you. Walk beside them through each step, and don’t be shy about showing what you know.
  3. Stay ahead of the game. Closings can be difficult to understand for even the most experienced of homebuyers so take some time to explain what that closing appointment will look like before it happens. It will give your clients an extra boost of confidence and an opportunity to ask questions of you before they get to the PTA closing table. Give them some time to process so the closing day can be comfortable and filled with ease.
  4. Educate your clients. Wire fraud…keep talking about it. Scammers are constantly evolving, so make sure you are continuing to warn your buyers and sellers. If you have found a way that works for you, stick with it, and be consistent. Don’t try to boil the ocean; control what you can, and educate, educate, educate.If you need help crafting a message, let us know.