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Five Ways to Build a Stronger Team This Summer

Happy National Homeownership Month from your friends at Premier Title. It has been a busy year already for all of us in Arizona real estate, but make sure you take some time this month to reflect on the important role you play in your customers’ home journey. Our team certainly appreciates you, and we’re sure they do too!

Speaking of teams, the only thing hotter than the housing market these days is the hometown Phoenix Suns! In honor of the current playoff run, we thought we’d devote this space to talking about the importance of team building on the court and in the office. 

One of the keys to being a good leader is making sure you are helping your team members grow, especially when things get busy. Call it the ultimate assist. As the leader or manager, it’s important to focus on making your team even stronger at all times. Whether you’re surrounded by rookies or company veterans, it’s important everyone feels like they have the opportunity to grow and succeed.  

We developed this starting five from this Forbes list of seven tips to increase employee engagement. If you’re like us, you believe two things: You already have a champion team, but there is always room for improvement. Without further ado, here are some ways you can stay connected with all your employees, no matter how hectic things get. 

  • Be Flexible. One thing the pandemic taught all of us was to expect the unexpected. Even as things return to normal, continue to show grace and flexibility to team members. Remember all the work that got done under the most trying of circumstances this past year and keep trusting your employees to get the job done.
  • Value the input of others. Asking those around you for input on a certain idea or project lets them know that you care and value what they have to say. There’s been a lot of talk about how environments have become more collaborative recently. Are you fostering a culture like that? Employees who know their thoughts and opinions are respected are more likely to put forth their best effort in the workplace. 
  • Say “thank you” for a small task. We all need a little affirmation every now and then. Expressing gratitude for a job well done, even if it’s routine, boosts confidence. Just verbalizing your appreciation will go a long way, especially during busy times like these.